Safer Than the Grocery Store: Floating and Private Saunas

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There are lots of us who may want to start floating and using saunas again, but may also reasonably ask if this is the right time to do so. After all, there are risks to going anywhere right now. States are facing the difficult situation of how to keep people safe, and how to make sure we can continue to …

Slow Reopening June 1st

Slow Reopening June 1st

Seattle Massage Pro is slowly reopening on June 1st on a limited availability. Schedule online to reserve your spot now.

Seattle Massage Pro Will Be Moving!

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Starting in Fall 2019, Seattle Massage Pro will have a new location on Madison. The new space will feature multiple massage rooms, a float/sensory deprivation tank room, and an infrared sauna. More details will be coming as things progress, so stay tuned for all the updates!

Meet Jane!

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Hello all, I’d like to invite you to meet the newest addition to Seattle Massage Pro–Jane! No, she’s not a person, but will no doubt be immeasurably helpful. It’s a practice management system, and on your end, that means online scheduling and payments. If you haven’t done so yet, head over the the new system and set up your account …

Reminder of discontinuing private insurance!

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Just a quick reminder, starting January 1st, Seattle Massage Pro will not accept insurance as payment, unless it is PIP and you have an attorney to handle the claim. If you wish to submit an invoice to receive an out-of-network reimbursement, please see the insurance forms page to link to your company’s out-of-network reimbursement forms. For questions regarding this decision, …