Health Savings Accounts

health savings accounts

Good news for those with Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts: Seattle Massage Pro can use the debit card associated with your account to pay for your massage appointments. An invoice is also provided for records. While most Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Account debit cards work with the card reader, there are a few that do not …

New Pricing Structure Begins October 2016

price increases

Starting October 1st, 2016, there will be a new pricing structure at Seattle Massage Pro. All massages will be $100/hour, without a tipping option. Packages will be based on hours and still be a 15% discount for 6 hours of massage ($510) and 20% discount for 12 hours of massage ($960).  The good news for you is that until September …

New Ways to Pay!

Apple Pay now available

Chip readers and Apple Pay are now options for payment at Seattle Massage Pro!

Massage for Children with Autism

Qigong Massage for Children With Autism

In the first of my blog postings, I’d like to link to a video discussing massage for children with autism. This video is a little long but very interesting in seeing the different ways massage can make a difference in the lives of someone who formerly may have avoided touch. I’ve honestly never thought about modifying a massage specifically for …

Online Scheduler App

Genbook online scheduler app

Now you can schedule your massage online even easier, with the Genbook online scheduler app! If you use an Apple or Android device, you can eliminate needing to go online and navigate to first the website, then the link to the online scheduler. Keep track of, manager, and schedule all of your massage appointments straight from the app. Download in …