How Floating Dissolves Stress

How Floating Dissolves Stress. Illustration of a floater's head bubbling away.

Did you know that floating dissolves stress? Even without the existential malaise of living through global crisis, our modern way of life tends to exert a lot of pressure on most people. As mental health research evolves, it’s become apparent that what we call “stress” can actually cause a lot of health problems; not just physical problems like heart disease …

COVID Protocol

Covicide Spray

Seattle Massage Pro has updated its procedures and policies in response to Covid-19. Schedule online to reserve your spot now. Schedule Now New Covid Protocol The list will be updated as necessary, so check back, but as of right now, these are the current changes made to massage appointment protocol on Masks, Arrival Time and Procedure, Facility Changes, HEPA and UV air …

Using Change and Floating to Create Change

joyous self reflection

Our focus has always been on providing a customized, clinical massage experience, in a relaxed setting. The clients at Seattle Massage Pro often ask why we have a float tank in a massage therapy clinic. The reflexive response is “Floating changed my life!” So, how can we use floating to create change that complements massage? The simplest answer is body …

Safer Than the Grocery Store: Floating and Private Saunas

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There are lots of us who may want to start floating and using saunas again, but may also reasonably ask if this is the right time to do so. After all, there are risks to going anywhere right now. States are facing the difficult situation of how to keep people safe, and how to make sure we can continue to …

Slow Reopening June 1st

Slow Reopening June 1st

Seattle Massage Pro is slowly reopening on June 1st on a limited availability. Schedule online to reserve your spot now.