The TRIFECTA – Massage, Sauna, Float – A Healthy and Balanced Spa Experience for your Whole Body

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Wellness is about simple, regularly occurring, healthy decisions we can make for our bodies. Together, our three services—massage, infrared sauna, and floating— create a powerful wellness combination we call the TRIFECTA. The healing power of a TRIFECTA allows you to become more connected with yourself and more aware of you body's habits and needs.

The Basics of Wellness Treatment

Wellness is about simple, regularly occurring, healthy decisions we can make for our bodies. Together, our three services—massage, infrared sauna, and floating— create a powerful wellness combination we call the TRIFECTA. The healing power of a TRIFECTA allows you to become more connected with yourself and more aware of you body's habits and needs.


Massage hands. Back massage and deep tissueWe have very basic needs as people. Touch is one of the most important. Not surprisingly, depriving yourself of this can cause serious neurological and emotional problems. Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has made this painfully clear for everyone on the planet!

Beyond the basic neurological and emotional needs we have, people also can be healed by touch.  Our massage therapists have a very important vocation—to heal you with their hands.  Though you will likely find the massage relaxing, the main focus of the session is to treat injuries or discomforts that negatively impact your daily life. You'll leave your massage healed by hands while fulfilling the basic needs of human connection, emotionally and neurologically. How beautiful is that?

Fire, Water, and Earth

Without overcomplicating wellness treatments, we built Seattle Massage Pro with basic classical elements in mind like fire, water, and earth.  Humans have basic needs.  When they are ignored, they harm our health.  But they are the foundations of wellness when they are embraced.  Fire warms us and its warmth can heal us.  Water is the magic of life on this planet—it heals us.  Earth is literally our foundation and it heals by feeding our bodies.

The last thing our modern society needs is adding more overcomplicated health treatments that get in the way of simplicity.  We need healthy diet, exercise, balance, and activities that promote good mental health. Many treatments today target our problems with synthetic medications.  While modern medicine should certainly be celebrated in many ways, basic wellness should be...well...basic.


Fire Performer. Image illustrates the use of basic elements for the trifecta wellness spa experienceThe dry far-infrared heat from the sauna is a fantastic way to relieve sore aches, pains, and loosen tight areas. Regular sessions can also do wonders on bolstering our immune system and decrease inflammation.  Additionally, getting beautiful glowing skin all day long happens to be a beautiful side-effect! This is why so many people that prioritize health and wellness, even many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Anniston, and Cindy Crawford, swear—and sweat—by regular infrared sauna use.

We immediately notice three things from our infrared sauna experience: We sweat, we glow, and we feel amazing.  This is enough to keep us coming back to that wonderfully addicting cedar cabin. Some folks like to use the phrase "toxin elimination", but we don't necessarily buy into the idea that people are toxic and that sweating is the ideal way to eliminate toxins.  We do, however, know that sweating feels good—really good. It just feels right; like we are eliminating unhealthy things from our body and starting fresh—a sort of rebirth. That's good enough for us.  As an added bonus, we notice that our skin is fabulously glowing all day long.  Inside, we feel like the fire has just been stoked to keep us warm and comfortable all day long.


Cleansing with waterThe heat of the sauna is balanced by the healing water of our float therapy room. Though the water is such an important part of the float experience, our goal is to not be aware of it.  The temperature of the water is dialed in to be the same temperature as the surface of your skin, 94.1ºF to be exact.  When you are still enough, your body is unable to sense the water, so it feels as if your body has no beginning or end—pretty wild, right?

This unique experienced is well-documented to reduce stress and heal us in many ways.  But it is much harder to measure the benefits of its impact on how we meditate and the effectiveness of personal growth.  Floating is a deeply personal—or even spiritual—journey. Connecting more deeply with oneself is perhaps the most important human connection of all, whether it is being more emotionally aware or more physically aware of your habits and needs.  Anyone who regularly floats understands this. But measuring its effectiveness becomes as slippery as the benefits of psychedelics like LSD, a chemical and experience that was instrumental in the conception of the float tank.  There's no denying its potential for very positive long-lasting effects, but those effects will be as personal as the experience itself.


Hands holding salt. The epsom salt in our float tankOur float tank has about 1000 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in the water.  This salt of the earth is powerfully therapeutic.  Just ask any athlete who has experienced an epsom salt soak after a taxing workout. But buoyancy is our main objective for salt in the float tank.  The high salinity level allows your body to effortlessly float and create an environment where gravity no longer has a negative impact on our bodies (like the Dead Sea, but crystal clear).

Gravity pulls so many things, for better or worse, into contact with us, every day of our lives.  Often, it is extremely therapeutic to alleviate gravity's toll on our bodies. When is the last time your skin, joints, or bones have had no sensation?  When is the last time you eliminated the aches and pains that gravity is taking on your feet or back? If you haven't floated before, the answer is likely never (unless you're an astronaut).

What to expect for your TRIFECTA

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Expect to spend about 3 hours in our clinic. The TRIFECTA is valued for less than the cost of all three services individually (please check our current rates). Be prepared to relax and disconnect from the outside world.  Avoid caffeine. You'll probably want to eat a meal about an hour before arriving.  Some clients like to bring a protein or fruit shake to drink between sessions.

Infrared Sauna

Most clients prefer to begin their session with the infrared sauna. Following your sauna session, you'll want to use our ice cold towels to use to cool off and scrub your body.  Before leaving your dressing room, you'll put on one of our luxurious spa robes, slip on our spa sandals, and walk across the hall to our float room.

Float Therapy

showering illustrationOnce in the float room you'll take a cleansing shower.  Pro tip: shower with slightly cool water so your outside body temperature is the same as the the temperature of the float tank.  Dry your face, put ear plugs in and enter the float tank. Focus on your breathing and enter a meditative headspace. At this point, most experienced floaters turn off the tank lights and music.  Continue your float in total silence and darkness.  Try to keep your body as relaxed and still as possible.  Once still enough, you will no longer sense the water or your surroundings.  At this point, it's all you, and nothing else.

Once your 60-minute session is over, you'll enter the shower and rinse the salt water from your body.  We provide natural body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.  Once again, put on our spa robe and sandals and exit the float room.  You'll be greeted by our clinic support who will show you to your massage room.


deep tissue massage roomOur massage therapist will perform a postural analysis and check in with you regarding pains and discomforts.  Each session is customized to the client.  We do not have signature, cookie-cutter routines, that you order from the menu.  Every person is unique, and what your body needs is going to be different from our other clients.  Your massage session may include relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, hot stone treatment, CHABA (cannabis health and beauty aid), and much more.

That's it. Three hours of blissful treatments. A unique wellness experience you will not find anywhere else. Your body will thank you.