Let's Work Together

We are always looking for talent! If you are a positive, team-oriented person who really lives a wellness lifestyle, we may have a place for you! Even if it's not listed below, if you feel called to be a team member at Seattle Massage Pro, contact us anyway. You never know when openings can unexpectedly occur, and the timing sometimes works out. We have regularly scheduled in-office massage therapists, contracted mobile therapists, clinic support, and visiting specialists to the clinic.

Below is our current immediate needs:

Open Positions

Massage Therapist
Currently looking for full-time therapists, part-time therapists, and fill-in hours for vacations. We are ALWAYS looking for more therapists, and for the right therapist, we can find a place on the team! This schedule is steady and reliably full with excellent pay, tips, and benefits. To apply, email a resume and letter to Amber.

Clinic Coordinator, part time
Clinic Support handles the daily operations of maintaining the facility. They do everything from checking clients in to their services, cleaning the facility, laundry, front-desk, and providing an overall memorable experience to all guests. They are our "master of common sense", and make sure each visit lives up to expectations. The right person is self-motivated and not dependent on a micromanager, since they will be in charge of the clinic during their shifts. Also, someone who genuinely enjoys hosting guests and thinking of all the little details usually enjoys and fits well in to this role. To apply, email a resume and letter to Amber.

Travel Massage Team
If you are an independent contractor looking to expand your workload, we have clients for you! We contract with area therapists who take in-home visits. You decide the schedule and region and we call with the option to accept or decline. To start the vetting process and get on our list of referred therapists, please send an email to Amber.


  • Paid sick and vacation hours accrued at 1 hr/40hrs worked
  • Free float and sauna
  • 1 free massage per month
  • Reimbursement for 1 pair of in-office non-street shoes, that never leave the office
  • Health insurance (after 60 days)
  • Reimbursement of annual massage license renewal, liability insurance, and preferred association membership (after 60 days)
  • Reimbursed for CE's (with approval, after 60 days)
  • A really fun and positive place to work!


Seattle Massage Pro was created in 2011 from a desire to create a space that is beautiful, science-backed wellness-focused, safe for both clients and employees, an amazing experience for all, and a great career opportunity for those passionate about wellness and massage therapy. This passion to find the perfect combination has led to the current facility and systems. It started with just a few sets of pink butterfly sheets, a part-time sublet in the back of a yoga studio, a giant leap of faith, and $200, and has grown into the facility and team we have today. This growth was possible by sticking to the mission, vision, and core values.


The mission of Seattle Massage Pro is to change the current state of the massage therapy industry and profession. For real. This is achieved with therapists that aspire to higher standards, who hold themselves accountable, who realize they are true professionals, and who know they deserve to be paid as such. We can speak intelligently about the body and interact with one another with civility and professionalism, and also support and guide one another along our careers.

The current status quo of franchises run by people without experience in the wellness industry who are unfamiliar with the unique needs of massage therapists, under-paying low skilled and undereducated therapists to perform mediocre massages has got to stop. It's harmful to the therapists and not helpful for the clients. This is a healthcare career and should be treated as such. I want to work with colleagues who are engaged in the massage community, who respect themselves as the professionals they are, and stay up to date on the newest massage research and trends. I want to collaborate and share ideas, suggest complimentary styles and modalities to clients, and create an environment of learning and excellence.


Seattle Massage Pro LLC provides combination relaxation and rehabilitation, customized to the client in a beautiful space, for a unique wellness experience. We provide a service experience unmatched by any other facility, both spa or clinic. The science-backed wellness modalities and services provide real healing, both physically and mentally. You will always get the massage you need in the environment you want to be in.

Core Values — Our Guiding Principles

We really live what we believe in, and follow these core values in how we work, treat one another, and provide service to our clients.


Staying positive at work, even in the face of challenges. Changing the narrative to have a positive spin on a situation and avoiding the negativity bias. Seeing the good in every person and assuming the best in each other, knowing we are all doing the best that we can in the situation we are in. Avoiding gossip and the perpetuation of confabulations, conspiracies, and rumors. Recognizing their role of staying positive in the workplace.

Client Experience

Providing the best overall experience from the service, attention to details, customized session, and client expectation management. Paying attention to the clients and helping when necessary.


Interacting with the client and one another in the most professional manner, in dress, speak, and actions. Always represent the company, on and off the clock. Living the lifestyle of health and wellness and the company brand. Staying within scope of practice. Using real science and research as the basis for our wellness modalities.


Recognized for maintaining the highest quality standards. All services, massages, and treatments will be from accomplished providers who excel in their expertise. Always striving to be the best in their field. Striving for personal and professional growth. Learning from mistakes.


Prioritizing the needs of the team and company, and recognizing that we all benefit from everyone's efforts. Recognizes their mistakes and how they effect the team, and taking ownership of them. Being held accountable for mistakes, learning and growing from them. Being punctual and minimizing unplanned absences to not put unnecessary stress on the rest of the team and clinic.

If these values align with you and you're looking for a career opportunity, contact us today!