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Amber Myers, LMT

MA60240007 Massage Therapist, CEO

Hi, I'm Amber, and welcome to my wellness clinic! Seattle Massage Sauna & Float allows me to combine a medical massage background with relaxation massage in a calming, beautiful spa-like atmosphere. I love to focus on creating a unique, one of a kind session for each person. Even though the techniques might be familiar, the actual massage never is the same because it is based on the body's needs for that particular day.

I studied art at Bowling Green State University, worked in graphic design and then sales for a few years, and eventually left those fields to study massage at the Cortiva Institute of Seattle in 2010, with the specific intention of creating this business. Seattle Massage Sauna & Float is the culmination of many different aspects of my life, come together to provide a healing space and unique wellness experience for the community. Adding sauna and float in my life the past few years has really changed my entire self-care routine to feel more comprehensive. In addition to massage therapy, I enjoy baking with my daughter, eating delicious foods, camping, arts and crafts, and attending musical performances of all kinds.

Massage Styles: Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Postpartum Massage, Muscle Specific Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Intraoral Certified, Triggerpoint, Myofascial Therapy.

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Erin Horn, LMT

MA60240722 Massage Therapist
Jacqui Sommerman

As a mother of 2 and 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, the older I get the more I begin to realize how all the different paths of my life have aligned to bring me to the place I am now. I made the decision to specialize in bodywork for many reasons.

I want to be a facilitator of self-care and awareness. I believe we owe it to ourselves to create our life, honor ourselves and take an active role in our physical, emotional, and mental health. We need to take the time to implement self-care into our daily lives.

I do injury-specific work, as well as deep tissue, pregnancy, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, acute and chronic conditions, as well as treating those interested in maintaining and improving their health.

When I’m not taking care of my clients, I relish my time with my two amazing kids and husband. I also love practicing yoga & meditation, exercising, spending time at the ocean, and receiving great bodywork, such as regular acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care.

Massage Style: Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Triggerpoint, Myofascial Therapy, Cupping.

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Kale Loveless, LMT

MA61219638 Massage Therapist


Originally from MT, I graduated University of Western States in 2016 at the top of my class. Through years of practice and diligent study, I've found inspiration from cultivating impactful change in others' lives. I believe through intentional and mindful practice, we all have the capacity to change pain into strength. Bodywork is just so.

I welcome you to take the time to invest in your well health with me, where I specialize in personalized treatment, pursuing your goals in the form of relaxation, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation. I practice Swedish, deep tissue, muscle energy technique and myofascial release, with an emphasis on structural integration and whole body wellness.

When I am not working, I am raising my beautiful cumulus cloud of a pet pigeon, Princess Baguette Brunhilde (Toast for short).

Massage Style: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Triggerpoint, Myofascial Therapy, Medical Massage, Hot Stone, Cupping.

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Gregory Flores, LMT

Massage Therapist
Gregory Flores

Offering my clients the opportunity to take refuge in their bodies is central to my work. From my own personal experience with chronic physical and mental health conditions, I have a compassionate appreciation for those struggling with trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, and feelings of disconnect from their bodies. I see my practice as a way to hold space for our weary nervous systems and to explore ease and rest. It is my hope that my clients leave our sessions feeling more inhabited and at home in their bodies.

Here's what you can expect from our sessions together: slow, intuitive and consent driven massage, with a focus on whole body relaxation and site specific relief from pain and discomfort, using a range of tools including myofascial work, swedish massage, craniosacral techniques, guided meditation, and focused breathing.

I graduated from DiscoveryPoint School of Massage and spend my free time playing music, reading, going for walks, and hanging out with my partner and our cat Lefty.

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Rowe Bonnis, LMT

MA60620378 Massage Therapist

After graduating from Cortiva in 2015, Rowe (she/her) has spent years fine-tuning her massage. Bringing a mix of slow paced myofascial massage, an awareness of structural interactions in the body, and intuitive healing touch, Rowe’s specialty is treatment disguised as relaxation.

Massage Style: Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Triggerpoint, Myofascial Therapy, Hot Stone, Cupping, Medical Massage.

She also performs a range of techniques (neuromuscular, deep tissue, swedish, hot stone, treatment/recovery, postural assessment) and pressures from feather-light to deep tissue.

Rowe also has experience working with diaphragm massage/breath expansion and LGBTQ+ populations.

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Mandy Silverman, LMT

MA00022339 Massage Therapist

Through hands-on experience and her own healing journey Mandy has witnessed the wisdom of the body and knows how to invite yours into a place of presence and stillness. Once there, you may find a space of deep relaxation to unwind, release, and heal with every breath.

Listening with both her heart and hands, Mandy co-creates each session with every client.

Mandy trained at Brenneke School of Massage in 2005. Her work has provided benefits to clients experiencing chronic pain, injury, anxiety, depression, grief, insomnia, pregnancy, and postpartum challenges.

All beings in all bodies are honored and welcomed.

Massage Style: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deep Relaxation, Prenatal/Postpartum, Myofascial Therapy, Lomé Lomé, Hot Stone, Integrative.

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Alexa Johnson

Clinic Coordinator, Certified Reiki Master

Hey, I’m Alexa! My working background involves a mixture of service in Physical Therapy, as well as the holistic healing art of Reiki. I am a lover of all things related to wellness and healing. I am also the mother of an amazing boy and we have two furry felines. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with them, reading, going on walks, doing yoga, and spending time by bodies of water.

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Heather Martin

Office Manager
Heather Martin Headshot Photo

Hello, I’m Heather! I grew up in the midwest, but have lived here in Seattle for many years. I have a background in marketing and communications, but most of my time is now dedicated to chasing around dogs and kids. (I’m mom to two amazing little humans and two fuzzy four-legged kiddos.) I’m also a lifelong practitioner of yoga and love to create healthy culinary delights for family and friends.

Katie Metz

Clinic Coordinator
Katie Metz Headshot

Hello! I am Katie. I am a self-taught artist from Boulder Colorado. I moved to Seattle in 2005 where the metropolitan landscape became my primary subject and inspiration. I have partnered with numerous gallery representatives over the years and am thrilled to be a part of the artist community in Seattle. I love living in Seattle and exploring all the nooks and crannies of downtown and the lush surrounding neighborhoods. I also love the diverse mix of people I have encountered over the years living throughout various parts of the city.

Danielle Lyons

Clinic Support
Danielle Lyons Clinic Support photo

Danielle is the world's greatest sister, helping with pretty much anything that needs attention in the clinic. She has been known to sub for Clinic Coordinators and you may see her around helping out or just stopping by. Her contributions range from customer service and clinic support, to even painting the entire facility in her "spare" time—all while being an animal nurse. She's currently studying to be a somme and working at a winery in Woodinville, but is still able to help out at the clinic in a pinch, or just for fun. Her hobbies include baking, playing with animals, and sipping wine.

Jesse Myers

Co-owner, Operations and Maintenance

At SMP I pride myself on being an avid sauna and float user, as well as designing and building the infrared sauna for the clinic. I'm told my official job is making sure we don't have a few screws loose. When I'm not helping maintain the facility, I am likely teaching or performing at the piano.

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