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Seattle Massage Sauna & Float

Providing Combination relaxation and rehabilitation through customized massage therapy, infrared sauna, and floating, for a Unique Wellness Experience

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Massage Therapy

Seattle Massage Sauna & Float was founded with the strong belief in providing a combination of rehabilitation and relaxation massage therapy for optimal relaxation and pain relief for both the body and mind. We truly want you to leave feeling not just treated, but also refreshed, relaxed, and balanced.

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Infrared Sauna

Sweat, detox, relax, and soothe your muscles.

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Float Therapy

Our open-air therapeutic float room has unmatched benefits for your whole body wellness.

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2818 East Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98112


p: (206) 397-3590
f: (206) 922-2053


Monday – Friday: 10:00am-8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-7pm
By Appointment Only



See What People Are Saying

Amanda Melville
I decided to go here on a whim because my head had been killing me for the past 5 days. The website was really easy to use and I was able to schedule an appointment the same day with Jon! Everyone was super nice and welcoming! When Jon was helping figure out what was going on, he was really informative on helping me understand what could cause / be causing my headaches. It's nice to also be informed to help alleviate/ avoid this again! Anyways by the time I left my head pain had gone from an 7/8 to about a 2/3 and I finally have some relief after so long. Between scheduling, and the experience it was really pleasant! Even though I'm not happy about having such a difficult migraine / headache, I'm grateful it gave me the reason to come here! Highly recommend (o^-^o)
Kendall Jones
Lovely place. Very welcoming. Have loved sauna-ing, floating and massage here! Particularly had an amazing massage experience with Greg Flores. He made the experience very comfortable and tailored to my health concerns. He even gave advice after the session for muscle stretching. It was the best!
Alisa Burpee
Jacklien was awesome! Attentive to my needs and her technique was just what I needed! Great sports massage for athletes, overall tension relief, and relaxation.
Jillian Johnson
Love this place! Seriously was my saving grace during the pandemic. I love seeing Rowe she is SO amazing. It ends up being the best part of my week when I can come in and receive the best service. Could not recommend more!
Adrianne Wesol
Relaxing experience, excellent massage, peaceful environs, professional and very clean/safe
Elizabeth Gorman
This was my first time visiting Seattle Massage Sauna & Float. Rowe gave me a relaxing massage and focused on problem areas I mentioned. Rowe checked in throughout the massage to assess my comfort level. I would return here to get another massage!
Shelby McPherson
Seattle Massage Sauna & Float is the best massage place I’ve found in Seattle (and I’ve tried many!). I go consistently for help with migraines and tension headaches, and it’s really made a difference. The team always takes detailed notes ahead of the appointment, tracking your pain points and what’s changed. It makes for really effective massages in the moment and great progress over time. Amber and the team always go the extra mile, and I can’t recommend them highly enough

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Seattle Massage Sauna and Float is a proud member of BNI Northwest's Madison Marketeers of Seattle
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