Newly Improved Float Room

Water droplet with plus sign
Water droplet with plus sign

Level Up with our Float Upgrades

We’ve heard you! Clients like you have let us know that they wished the air temperature was warmer, or that the lighting in the room could be more dim, or that the transition out of the float could be more gradual.  So we made some big float upgrades. The whole float experience is now more comfortable, setting the mood for a relaxation. We think you’re going to love the new improvements.

What’s New?

  • Radiant heating panel above the float
  • Ambient color lighting upgrade throughout the float room
  • Gradual light dimming to ease you in and out of the experience
Mid Float Idea Blue No

Our above-float heating panel upgrade is a favorite of our float clients. The whole experience is enhanced when you are in optimal comfort. A great aspect of the upgraded panel heat is that it doesn’t disturb the air, which would create an unwanted draft. This is the perfect complement to the float experience!

The float room’s ambient color lighting is completely automated. As you are finishing up with the pre-float shower, the lights slowly begin to dim (so slow it is barely noticeable that it is happening). This gently sets the tone for the float experience and provides that much needed calm as you enter the float tank.

Additionally, the ambient blue lighting upgrade is the signal that the float has finished. Very gradually, the light slowly brightens, awakening you from the experience. This lets you know that your float session is complete and you can enter the shower. Gone are the days when the float is abruptly ended with water circulation!