COVID-19 Protocol

Covicide Spray

Seattle Massage Pro has updated its procedures and policies in response to Covid-19. Schedule online to reserve your spot now.

New Covid Protocol

The list will be updated as necessary, so check back, but as of right now, these are the current changes made to massage appointment protocol on Masks, Arrival Time and Procedure, Facility Changes, Cleaning Protocol, Massage appointment PPEPayments.


We have cloth masks for purchase and also have backup disposable masks for clients. Please bring your own mask and wear it throughout the time in the facility, including during your massage. You may remove it inside the sauna and float rooms, but in any space shared with another person, such as a massage room, main lobby area, and hallways, please keep it on. We thank you for your understanding.

Arrival Time

We request that you arrive at the start time to your appointment, and not more than 5 minutes before, to avoid multiple people in the facility at a time. We will not have anyone waiting or using the waiting and lounge areas. This means no self-serve tea and water, but you can still request if to-go for after your appointment. You may wait outside off the sidewalk near the planters until 5 minutes before the time of your appointment, at which the door will be unlocked and you may enter. Upon entering, immediately use the hand sanitizer and remove your shoes. A sanitized plastic bin will be provided for you to keep your personal belongings in throughout your appointment so they aren’t placed on surfaces.

Facility Changes

All rooms have air purifiers.  Both massage rooms, the lobby, the bathroom, and the sauna changing room have HEPA and UV-sanitizing air filters that are running all day long and are maintained regularly.  We have minimized things that used to be around the space, including self-serve tea and water station, magazines, neck rests, decorative pillows, etc.

Cleaning Protocol

We are always meticulous with our cleaning, but it has been stepped up with response to Covid-19, and may continue to change as new information is discovered every day on efficacy and processes. Our typical disinfectant is hydrogen peroxide for the equipment (tables, face cradles, bolsters, pillows, tools), soap and hot water on the lotion/oil bottles, and sheets and towels washed in hot water with detergent. Additionally, all knobs, handles, and faucets are wiped with alcohol wipes after every client or staff member has touched them. Just as before Covid protocol, every client is provided with a completely fresh and clean set of sheets, including the top blanket. We have added the air sanitizer and increased frequency of washing rugs.

Massage PPE

During the massage, all clients are required to wear a mask. Massage therapists wear a N-95 mask at all times during the appointment. When the client is face-up, therapists also wear a face shield. Massage therapists change their clothing to a freshly cleaned outfit between each session, or change their apron to a fresh apron between each session. We believe this extra protocol, going above and beyond safety standards, is best for our clients and staff.


We will be using the online payment system to minimize the unnecessary touching of objects by multiple people, . If you’d like to use a different card other than the one reserved, that is fine, just read the numbers off to us at checkout and we’ll update the payment method. You may want to consider purchasing a package deal at this time to save time and money in the checkout process.

Thank you for patience and understanding in implementing these temporary changes. We REALLY can’t wait to see you all soon! This information is likely to change as conditions and requests from officials change. Thank you for your patience in working through this time and being flexible. Stay safe!