Our Story
DANI naturals was founded in 1996 with one simple product - a handmade, all-natural soap that was eco-friendly and made from a gentle vegetable oil base. Our goal then: to nourish people’s skin, naturally.


“All-Natural” isn’t just a catch phrase. From that very first soap to today’s extended line of bath, body and home products, we are committed to making everything as nourishing and natural as possible.

We use 100% vegetable oil bases and essential oil blends. We use organic ingredients in all our bath & body products and 100% soy wax in our candles. We make all our products in the USA. We use the highest quality, most natural ingredients available… allowing us to make the finest products possible.

What we don’t use: Petroleum, Parabens, GMOs, Artificial colorants or dyes, SLS or ALS (sodium laurel sulfate or ammonia laurel sulfate) or Paraffin

We care about the environment. From our use of recyclable containers, to the 100% bio-degradable packing materials we use… from our soy-based inks to our minimal (yet elegant) packaging… you can be sure that if it isn’t good for the environment, it isn’t used in or around our company.


We live and work in beautiful Bend, Oregon, at the base of the Cascade Mountains. With all the outdoor recreation available – skiing, hiking, biking, water sports – this high desert environment also happens to be the ideal testing ground for gentle, skin-nourishing and moisturizing products. We are proud to say our products are NEVER tested on animals… just humans who love being active in the outdoors!


To provide refreshing, nourishing, all-natural bath, body, and home products using the purest ingredients and fragrances available.

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