Relax and Recharge: Dive into Bliss with Our Summer Special at Seattle Massage Sauna & Float!

50% off saunas and floats when you book a Tuesday massage appointment this summer
50% off saunas and floats when you book a Tuesday massage appointment this summer

Unwind, rejuvenate, and save big this summer with our exciting new offer at Seattle Massage Sauna & Float! We're thrilled to present our exclusive Summer Special, designed to help you beat the heat while experiencing the ultimate relaxation trifecta: massages, saunas, and floats! Don't miss out on this incredible deal of 50% off saunas and floats when you book a Tuesday massage appointment this summer.

Escape to a World of Tranquility: Massages that Melt Away Stress

At Seattle Massage Sauna & Float, we understand the importance of taking a moment for yourself. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, we offer you a serene escape to unwind and indulge in the power of healing touch. Our team of skilled massage therapists is dedicated to ensuring that you experience pure relaxation, relieving tension, easing sore muscles, and enhancing overall well-being.

Whether you choose a soothing Swedish massage, a therapeutic deep tissue massage, or a specialized sports massage, our experts will tailor each session to suit your unique needs and preferences. Allow the stress to melt away as the skilled hands of our therapists work their magic, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever comes your way

Embrace the Healing Benefits of Sauna Sessions


As part of our Summer Special, we invite you to discover the incredible health benefits of our custom infrared sauna. Step into a tranquil oasis where warmth embraces you, helping to soothe your muscles, cleanse your body of toxins, and promote better circulation. Our saunas offer a range of therapeutic advantages, including stress reduction, improved cardiovascular function, and even enhanced skin health.

Take advantage of the 50% off discount on sauna sessions when you book a Tuesday massage appointment, and immerse yourself in this rejuvenating experience, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Float Away on Cloud Nine: Sensory Deprivation at its Finest

Floating Woman

Ever dreamt of escaping the noise of the world and floating effortlessly in a serene, weightless environment? Look no further than our sensory deprivation float tank! Floating therapy provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and delve into a deeply meditative state.


As you float in our mineral-rich Epsom salt water, all distractions vanish, allowing your mind to unwind and your body to fully relax. The benefits of floatation therapy are plentiful, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality and easing chronic pain. With our Summer Special, you can enjoy 50% off float sessions when you book your Tuesday massage appointment.

Book Now and Save!

Our Summer Special is the perfect opportunity to experience the full spectrum of relaxation services at Seattle Massage Sauna & Float. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to create the ultimate self-care experience for yourself, or even treat a loved one to the gift of tranquility. Experience all 3 services in the same day for signature TRIFECTA

To secure your spot and avail the 50% discount on saunas and floats, simply book a Tuesday massage appointment this summer. We encourage you to reserve your desired time and date in advance, as availability may fill up quickly.


Book your appointment now and let Seattle Massage Sauna & Float be your ultimate summer staycation destination.