Reiki with Alexa Johnson

Alexa Johnson, Reiki, Infrared Sauna, Float tank

Starting March 2022, we will be offering a new service, Reiki with Alexa, on Tuesday mornings. When we think of wellness practices, we often think of “meditation”, “exercise”, “mindfulness”, “massage”, “zen spirituality”, etc.  Perhaps “reiki” comes to mind as well. Reiki may be lesser known compared to other forms of wellness, but it is a sought-after practice for many seeking healing.

Reiki must be experienced in order to truly understand its healing power!

Our clinic’s Certified Reiki Master, Alexa Johnson, describes her thoughts and approach to her practice.

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Reiki is an energy healing modality, based off the system of chakras throughout the body. Quantum physics tells us that all atoms are pieces of matter (matter = everything that can be physically touched.) Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons, which all have a different charge of energy. This tells us that the very basis of our life force is energetic in nature. The good news is that whatever dis-ease or lack of ease we are experiencing in our lives can be shifted through this flow of energy within and surrounding us.

Reiki is known for promoting relaxation, boosting mood, improving quality of sleep, and easing physical pain. Her practice is an exciting addition to our other wellness services.

Alexa uses an intuitive approach in her sessions and can often feel and interpret external energy imbalances in her own body. This helps channel the energy where it is most needed for a particular session. Reiki must be experienced in order to truly understand its healing power!

Want to read more on Reiki? Check out this article in Forbes Magazine, or this research published on NCBI.

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