Discontinuing Private Insurance

Discontinuing Insurance
Amber Myers, LMP

Amber Myers, LMP

As of January 1st, 2018, Seattle Massage Pro will no longer be billing private insurance. Automobile accidents will still be accepted if the client has PIP coverage AND an attorney. If you need an attorney, I have several that specialize in personal injury claims that I can refer you to before taking your appointment. Workplace injuries (LNI/worker’s comp) will also still be accepted.

This decision comes to me after great deliberation. On one hand, I know this will limit the availability of massage to some clients. Also, there is a risk of the clients not viewing massage as healthcare if it is taken out of the insurance process. I can talk at-length how massage is still healthcare, regardless of who pays, but it is a small risk to consider in the mindset of the general public. However, ultimately the reasons to stop the private insurance billing process were much greater. With healthcare changes, many large insurers are trying to cut costs, and it’s mostly at the expense of the providers. Being a one-woman show, I just can’t keep up with the new hoops to jump through and the lowered payments. If you have questions and want to ask me to explain it further, feel free to reach out. The FAQ page explains some of the most prominent boringly unfortunate reasons why I came to this difficult decision.

The good news to you is that you are now free to receive massage for anything, INCLUDING RELAXATION, without needing to worry about a specific referral code for each concern bothering you and then following up to have it renewed after it expires. The session can take place based on what your body needs in that specific moment, as opposed to solely focusing on one diagnosed condition at a time per a doctor’s orders who may not have seen you in months.

For those that are concerned about the affordability, there are package discounts to maintain a regular routine, and you can also submit an invoice for out-of-network benefits directly to the insurer. Just ask for the invoice at the end of the session. It will have all the codes necessary except the referral code. Have your doctor provide you with the referral code (what would have been written on the referral), and submit it to the insurance company. If you have out-of-network massage benefits, expect a reimbursement based on your out-of-network rate. If nothing else, it will at least lower your out-of-network deductible in case you or a family member need to see another specialist later on in the year. HSA accounts and some flexible spending accounts can also be used, usually without a referral.

In the meantime, I will continue to see insurance clients until the end of the year. I may decide to be back on an insurance network in the future, and when the time comes, everyone will be notified. Thank you for understanding.