New Pricing Structure Begins October 2016

price increases

Starting October 1st, 2016, there will be a new pricing structure at Seattle Massage Pro. All massages will be $100/hour, without a tipping option. Packages will be based on hours and still be a 15% discount for 6 hours of massage ($510) and 20% discount for 12 hours of massage ($960).  The good news for you is that until September 30th, 2016, you may purchase an unlimited quantity of massages or packages at the current rate and they will never expire.

Why an increase? It’s now been 5 years at the same rate and this is necessary to keep up with rising costs of business. Without the tipping option, it’s not significantly more than what many people are already paying per massage.

Why no tipping option? Simply put, massage therapy is a form of healthcare, regardless of the reason for the massage. There is still a therapeutic health benefit for relaxation massage. Therefore, in order to keep in-line with standard healthcare practices, tipping will no longer be an option at check-out. If you wish to show extra gratitude for an excellent massage, send a referral, book another appointment, or write a review on Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and any other social media profile Seattle Massage Pro is on. We really appreciate reviews!

Why are packages now based on hours? Sometimes, schedules allow for a longer session, and this way you have the option to easily utilize your pre-paid package for a longer session should you choose to. Packages are still for one person to use and can not be shared, unless circumstances have you moving or are medically unable to continue with massage. In those rare and extreme cases, the remainder of the pre-paid package can be transferred into another’s name. Packages never expire, regardless of the price you purchased it for.

How do I buy massages at the current rate to use after the price increase? You can purchase in-person at your next massage, or online. If you would like a physical gift certificate mailed to you, please send a separate email indicating the mailing address. Otherwise, it will be kept on-file in the office to use when you arrive for your appointment. Again, these never expire, so you can purchase as many as you want while the price remains the same and utilize them, for yourself or as gifts, for future massages after the price increase on September 1st.

If you have any more questions regarding the changes, just send me an email and I’ll be glad to answer them. Thanks for your understanding and have a good day!