Massage for Children with Autism

Qigong Massage for Children With Autism

In the first of my blog postings, I’d like to link to a video discussing massage for children with autism. This video is a little long but very interesting in seeing the different ways massage can make a difference in the lives of someone who formerly may have avoided touch. I’ve honestly never thought about modifying a massage specifically for autism, but it makes sense given the possible sensory concerns for those with the condition. Each individual massage client would need to be specifically considered for their differences and individual needs, just like hopefully all clients are, but with even more care taken to acknowledging their differences as far as where they need less/more/different types of pressure. This specific video is discussing how the family can provide home-massage for the child as opposed to visiting a practitioner, but it’s interesting enough that I think it pertains to all therapists regardless of specialty. Take a look and let me know what you think! Have any of you ever modified a massage for a client or child with autism? If so, what were some considerations that would be helpful for others to know? Thanks for participating in the discussion, and please, be kind.