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Appointments can be made online, by emailing, or over the phone at (206) 909-2994. Going online is the best and quickest way to ensure you get the time you want. Online appointments need to be made with 24 hours notice, so please call or text if you’d like to check on availability for a last-minute appointment.

As of January 1st, 2018, I will no longer be billing private insurance. Automobile accidents will still be accepted if the client has PIP coverage AND an attorney. If you need an attorney, I have several that specialize in personal injury claims that I can refer you to before taking your appointment. Workplace injuries (LNI/worker’s comp) will also still be accepted.
There are several reasons for this change.
1. The increased demands of paperwork and criteria for private insurance companies now takes up much more time than it’s worth.
2. The reimbursement rates for most private insurances has decreased to no longer being sustainable to accept.
3. It’s a constant battle, on the phone and in documentation, just to prove that they should pay for services I provide. I just don’t have the time that it takes to fight a system that is designed to sabotage my business.
4. I will be changing business structures and my EIN will be different, resulting in needing to reapply for network status and a gap in network participation until they process the paperwork, which could take anywhere from 1 day to 6 months. Being that I will be at the whim of the insurance company’s and their speed of processing, it’s best to put my network status on hold in the meantime, until the transition is complete.
5. Finally, I simply hate doing it. It’s a lot of extra work for less money, and it’s meticulous and mind-numbing and exhausting and it makes me dislike my job. I want to get back to enjoying what I do and focusing on the quality massage and customer experience.