Coronavirus Update

Our Private Wellness Space is Here for you

Dear clients,

First of all, Seattle Massage Pro is open for appointments and selling gift certificates to help bolster our business in a difficult time. We will likely need to reduce hours and staff due to the concerns of the pandemic, however. Secondly, our business depends on you and the rest of our clients continuing to put their trust in us for wellness. So, I would like to take a moment to let you know about our procedures regarding cleaning and sanitation.  As you might expect, and hopefully notice from simply being in our new space, is that we take cleaning and sanitation very seriously.  Going beyond Washington State Department of Health’s strict standards for operating a massage business, Seattle Massage Pro has implemented new ways of dealing with the concerns of coronavirus.

Our licensed therapists:

-Follow strict guidelines of washing hands before and after any human contact

-Use hand sanitizers are used in transition of contact with surfaces

-Follow strict orders to not come into the facility if they are feeling ill or have been in contact with anyone known to contract the virus.

Our Massage Rooms:

-Hard surfaces in human contact wiped with hospital-grade disinfecting wipes between clients

-All sheets, blankets, towels, covers, etc. are changed and cleaned through wash and steam cycles for sanitation.

Our waiting area and facility:

-Hard surfaces in human contact wiped with hospital-grade 

disinfecting wipes between clients

-Fabric surfaces sprayed with disinfectant between clients.

Our Float Room:

-Hard surfaces in human contact wiped with hospital-grade disinfecting wipes between clients

-Maintains max range of recommended H2O2 in solution

Inspect Ozonator, UV sanitizer, filtration system, and salinity levels between each client

Our Sauna and changing room:

-Hard surfaces in human contact wiped with hospital-grade disinfecting wipes between clients

-Fully heat and dry room between each client

-Use H2O2 sanitizer on wooden surfaces

(Infrared rays and heat will destroy this virus if it were to be on any surface in this room immediately, so this may be one of the safest—and healthiest—rooms in the city!)

How We Can Maintain Safe Distancing With Wellness

As you know, it is recommended to reduce human contact during the pandemic.  Our facility is operating at a low capacity and you’ll likely only be the only client in our space.

  • Our Sauna and Float Room are completely private and sanitized
  • Our facility was designed for the private wellness experience
  • Times are stressful right now. We provide the ability to safely reduce anxiety and stress

How You Can Benefit From Your Wellness Experience

  • Infrared Sauna bolsters your immune system (study)
  • Infrared Sauna reduces stress, and stress increases cortisol levels
  • Infrared Sauna lowers cortisol in your body, which bolsters immunity (study)
  • Both Sauna and Float improve our sleep, which in turn improves your immune system
  • A 2018 study showed that Float therapy significantly reduces stress and improves mood
  • The coronavirus restrictions seem to be increasing our time on devices and social media.  Clear your mind in the safe isolation of our Float therapy room or Infrared Sauna.

**We all need each other right now, and the stability of Seattle’s small businesses and thriving wellness community depends on you.**