Seattle Massage Pro

Providing combination rehabilitation and relaxation massage in beautiful Madison Valley, Seattle

At Seattle Massage Pro…

We strive to be viewed as leaders and experts in the field of massage therapy. For the internet community, we are constantly learning and sharing this knowledge with the public as well as the client. In Seattle, we assist in achieving your wellness needs by using a combination of rehabilitation and relaxation massage therapy techniques. Our staff have experience and knowledge in treating common injuries and conditions that impede on your work and life. Myofascial release, triggerpoint therapy, intraoral massage, prenatal/ pregnancy/ maternity massage, and Swedish massage are just some of the techniques used during treatment. At Seattle Massage Pro, we bring these skills along with a compassion for your pain, to give you the best outcome. We are conveniently located in beautiful Madison Valley above All the Best Pet Care and Seattle Salads, close to Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Madrona, Central District, and Downtown Seattle. Massage packages are available to those who wish to purchase larger quantities of massages at a time. Many private health insurances, as well as insurance from worker's compensation (L&I) and motor vehicle accident (PIP) may be accepted. Schedule online and experience your rehabilitation process, manage pain, and reduce stress naturally!