About Seattle Massage Pro

About Seattle Massage Pro

Seattle Massage Pro was founded with the strong belief in providing a combination of rehabilitation and relaxation massage therapy. We are different from a spa in that we have the experience and the time for detailed and specific treatment, and different from your physical therapist's or chiropractor's office because of the environment. Luxury sheets, soothing music, a heated massage table, extra bolsters and pillowing when necessary, and air conditioning are just some of the little extra features that set us a part from most other massage clinics and show just how much we care about your overall experience. We truly want you to leave feeling not just treated, but also refreshed, relaxed, and balanced.


  • Wellness Massage
  • Treatment (Medical) Massage
  • 6 Massage Package
  • 12 Massage Package

Therapist Profiles

Amber Myers, LMP


Amber Myers, LMP

Amber Myers, LMP


2010–2011 Cortiva Institute of Massage, Seattle
Worked in the student clinics as a student massage practitioner.

2011–2012 Apple Physical Therapy
Massage Therapist specializing in treatment and rehabilitation massage for clients with doctor's referrals.

2012–present Seattle Massage Pro
Founded Seattle Massage Pro to work with a variety of clients, including treatment and relaxation.


I've always worked with my hands. From an early age, I was an artist, working with every medium I could put my hands on, and constantly creating. I always envisioned my future self as being an artist by trade. So following the practical advice from several teachers, I chose graphic design as my medium. I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in design, and one week later moved to Seattle to begin an exciting new challenge. Although I love the artistry of design, I quickly realized that I am not cut out for sitting all day long. I started to realize and feel the physical stresses on the body from working long hours at a computer. So after several years in graphic design and then sales, I realized I wanted and needed a change.

I innately felt the need to help others, to heal, to use my hands, be active, and to be a vital member of the local community. At that point, I wasn't yet sure how. I began training for the Seattle Half Marathon and doing yoga daily as my way of clearing my head and letting inspiration come to me. I came to the conclusion of massage therapy after volunteering in a physical therapy clinic for one summer. I was so intrigued by everything they did; it seemed almost like magic the way the seemingly simple techniques and movements dramatically healed patients. The concept of the connected body was totally new to me. Day by day, I was beginning to get a little closer to discovering my calling. 

After interviewing for an aide position at several other PT clinics, I realized they all employed massage therapists. This led me to massage school, where I still thought I would one day go on to study PT. Despite my plan, that first week of massage school I already had a new feeling creeping up inside my head. During neuromuscular techniques class, I suddenly knew without any doubt in the world that this is what I wanted to do. We were learning the very same techniques that had piqued my interest in the physical therapy and rehabilitiation field, and everything was so hands-on, I immediately knew this was the combination I had been searching for. I fell in love with the tactile healing and endless world of learning that massage therapy has to offer myself and my community. 

My past career was unfulfilling– helping only myself or a company, but never actually anyone I could put a face to. I knew I had more to give and therefore left the business world to begin an amazing career in massage therapy. I genuinely want to help people, and massage is one way I know I am able. I provide a key component to the rehabilitation process through therapeutic treatment and wellness massage. This combination creates a significant difference in rehabilitation, posture, mental clarity, athletic performance, and provides natural pain and stress relief– all of which encourage and improve patient recovery and quality of life. My own pregnancy has also inspired me to advance my knowledge and skills in pregnancy/prenatal/maternity massage as well, tailoring sessions to expecting mothers. Now, at the end of the day I'm able to put a face to my work, and I look forward each and every day to going to work to help heal, and continue to grow and learn along the way. I hope I meet you on that journey. Take care and have a good day!


Edward Sarusal, LMP


2010–2011 Cortiva Institute of Massage, Seattle
Worked in the student clinics as a student massage practitioner.

2011–present Massage Envy, Renton Landing and West Seattle
Provides massage tailored to specific client needs.

2015–present Soothe
Provides in-home and on-site massage therapy.

Ed studied massage therapy at Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle and has been a practicing massage therapist for over 4 years now. He's worked in both spa and in-home settings, and has experience with a variety of styles and clients. His deep tissue massage is a combination of both firm pressure and effective technique that provides lasting pain relief and immediate relaxation. His knowledge and experience in fitness make Ed the ideal massage therapist for athletes of all levels, and his exerience in the spa means he understands luxury relaxation.


Privacy: Seattle Massage Pro promises to never share your contact or personal information with any third parties. Medical records will be kept private and secure unless requested by you or a court of law. Your phone number and email address are only collected as a way for us to contact you. Any information discussing scheduling details of a specific appointment will be emailed via a HIPAA-compliant email if you choose to accept email communications. Before your first appointment, a HIPAA policy form must be signed acknowledging you understand any privacy risks involved with emailing from an insecure email account or texting on a device, if you choose to communicate in with either of those methods.

Arrival time: For your first appointment, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out forms that will be waiting for you in the waiting area to the right down the hall once at the top of the stairs. Arriving late may cut into your massage time.

Draping: At all times a drape will be used to cover the body. Only areas of the body being worked on will be uncovered. You may undress to your comfort level under the sheet and know that you will not be exposed inappropriately for any reason.

Minors: Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the massage unless the parent or guardian signs the minor consent form on the first visit. A parent or guardian must also sign the health history and privacy policy forms.

Payment: All payments are due in full at the time of the appointment unless prior arrangements with insurance has been made. Cash, credit/debit card, or personal checks are accepted. If you are using insurance for payment, all applicable copayments are due at the time of the appointment. You are responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance plan or claim. See the insurance page for more information on paying with insurance.

Reserving an appointment: Appointments can be made online, by emailing me directly at amber.seattlemassagepro@professionalsgroup.org, with the contact form below, or over the phone at 206-909-2994. Because I am usually busy massaging and may not be able to answer the phone, online scheduling is the best way to ensure you get the time that works best with your schedule.

Credit/Debit cards: A credit card is needed to reserve an appointment online. The credit card used to reserve does not have to be used for payment at the time of the appointment. The card is not charged unless you no-show or cancel same-day for your appointment, when it will be charged by Stripe, an online credit card processor. Card information used for reserving appointments is stored in a secure password protected file only viewable by Seattle Massage Pro administration.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments: Please allow 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. There is usually a wait list, so please be considerate of others trying to schedule, and cancel as soon as you know you need to. Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If an emergency arises, please let me know in plenty of time to adjust the schedule. Before you miss an appointment, try to reschedule your appointment in the same week to avoid a cancellation charge. I will make an effort to try to fit you in that same week. If you do not reschedule within the same week and you cancel same-day or no-show for your massage, the card you reserved your appointment with will be charged. If you have a package, one of the sessions from the package will be used. I may decide to discontinue you as a client if there are repeated missed appointments or last-minute cancellations. For insurance claims, the claims manager may decide to discontinue payment of treatment benefits if you have repeated last-minute cancellations or missed appointments. If I have to cancel an appointment, you will not be charged for the session and I will make every effort to reschedule your session in a time that is convenient for you. If you show up for a massage and I believe it to be inappropriate to receive massage at that time based on your current condition, either because of illness or you're still in the acute phase of an injury, I will not charge you for the cancelled appointment. If you are sick, massage may actually increase symptoms and make you feel worse. In addition to that, you may be contagious. Please let me know as soon as you become sick so we can reschedule your apointment.

Reminders: Reminder emails will be sent 24 hours in advance of your appointment. If you are not receiving your reminder emails, please contact me to make sure I have your correct information.

Phone calls and emails: I may need to collect more information from you before we meet for a massage, or follow up with you afterward and have a conversation to clarify any condition specifics, insurance verifications, or if special considerations need to be considered. Please indicate your contact preference if you have one when scheduling.

Referrals: Referrals are always appreciated. Please let me know who referred you so I can thank them. I add 15 minutes on to your massage (a $20 value) when you refer someone to Seattle Massage Pro.

Insurance: A prescription from a doctor is needed to accept any insurance benefits for massage. If you are paying with insurance, you will need to fill out coverage and billing verification forms and return them to me prior to your first appointment to give me plenty of time to call and verify your coverage and know your copayment/deductible amounts (if any) to request at the time of service. If the forms are not returned to me before the first appointment, you are responsible for the full amount the first appointment until all coverage is verified. This will be refunded or applied to your future copayments once the coverage has been verified. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the intake, health history, and HIPAA forms, or print them off of the website and bring them with you. See the insurance page for additional information regarding insurance benefits and payment, and to see updated lists of accepted plans.

Massage Packages: Massage packages are sold at a discount for individuals to purchase large quantities of pre-paid massages at one time. They are intended for one person and can not be transferred to another person unless under emergency circumstances at our discretion (for example, if a client purchases and then their doctor requests they discontinue massage for medical reasons, or soon after purchase you have to move out of state). There is no expiration date on the packages. These are an excellent way to receive treatment massage or ensure you will take care of yourself with regular relaxation and health management at a discounted rate. Massage packages can be purchased in-person or online. Please choose pre-paid/gift card option when scheduling online if you've purchased or received a package. These also make excellent gifts.

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